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1. GFC Academic Appeals Policy (University Governance)

The Post-Secondary Learning Act gives General Faculties Council (GFC) responsibility, subject to the authority of the Board of Governors, over "academic affairs" (section 26(1)) and over Student appeals (section 26(1)(h)) and otherwise. GFC may also legislate "conditions or restrictions" on the powers of Faculty Councils (section 29(1)). GFC has thus established an Academic Appeals Committee (GFC AAC), as set out below.

The complete wording of the section(s) of the Post-Secondary Learning Act, as referred to above, and any other related sections, should be referred to in any instance where formal jurisdiction or delegation needs to be determined.

Informal Faculty Level of Appeal/Petition
A student may submit an informal appeal/petition to the Dean or delegate. Regardless of whether or not a student initiates an appeal, however, the Dean or delegate may issue any remedy, including a remedy that waives the Faculty's academic standing regulations as approved by GFC and published in the University Calendar. This informal process is meant to precede and to avoid formal appeal, but does not preclude formal appeal to the Faculty Council or Faculty academic appeals committee. (GFC 23 FEB 2004)

NOTE: Acronyms are used throughout the policy; please refer to “Definitions” at the end of this policy.

1.1 Authority

1.1.1 GFC Procedures for Resolving Academic Grievances within the Faculties
1.1.2 Appeals to Faculty Academic Appeals Committees
1.1.3 Procedures for the Dean of the Faculty

1.2 Procedures for Appeal of Decisions to the GFC Academic Appeals Committee (GFC AAC)

1.2.1 Initiation of an Appeal 

1.3 General Faculties Council (GFC) Resolution Delegating Authority to the GFC Academic Appeals Committee

1.3.1 Board of Governors Resolution Delegating Authority to the GFC Academic Appeals Committee Committee 

1.4 GFC Academic Appeals Committee GFC (AAC)

1.4.1 The Jurisdiction of the Committee
1.4.2 Powers of the Committee
1.4.3 Composition of the Committee
1.4.4 Term of Office
1.4.5 Constituting the Committee

1.5 Appeal Procedures

1.5.1 Procedures Prior to a Hearing
1.5.2 The Hearing Date
1.5.3 Service and Notice
1.5.4 Procedures at the Hearing
1.5.5 Suggested Hearing Procedures
1.5.6 Communicating the Decision of the GFC AAC
1.5.7 Confidentiality of Hearing and Material
1.5.8 Access to Appellant Records by the Provost
1.5.9 Amendment to the Academic Appeals Policy

1.6 Report to General Faculties Council


Appendix - Procedural Guidelines for GFC AAC Chairs