Definitions listed below apply to this document only with no implied or intended institution-wide use.

1. “Academic Standing" means any matter covered in a Faculty's academic standing regulations as approved by GFC, its Executive or the GFC Academic Standards Committee (ASC) and as published in the Calendar. Academic standing comprises such matters as continuation in a program, promotion, graduation, and the requirement for a student to withdraw. Unless stated otherwise, changes to academic standing regulations affect new students, continuing students, and students readmitted to a program or Faculty. Students should refer annually to the Calendar for the academic standing regulations governing their degree programs.” (University Calendar, Section 23.6)

2. "Appellant" means a Student appealing a decision of a Faculty affecting Academic Standing at the University.

3. “Advisor” means a person who will assist the Appellant or the Respondent during the appeal process. Assistance may be provided by the Student OmbudService, Student Legal Services, legal counsel or another Advisor of the Appellant’s or Respondent’s choice.

4. "Chair" means the Chair of the General Faculties Council Academic Appeals Committee selected from the Panel of Chairs.

5. "Committee" or “GFC AAC” means the General Faculties Council Academic Appeals Committee.

Note: The Committee is a standing committee of General Faculties Council established by General Faculties Council on January 29, 1973 pursuant to Section 26(1), and Section 26(1)(h) of the Post-Secondary Learning Act.

6. "Dean" means the Dean of the Faculty whose decision is being appealed.

7. "Executive Committee" means the Executive Committee of General Faculties Council.

8. "Faculty" means the Faculty whose decision is being appealed and includes the Dean or an administrative officer of the Faculty and the Academic Appeals Committee of such Faculty when that person or body has exercised or is exercising any power of the Faculty with respect to academic standing.

9. "Miscarriage of Justice" means failure on the part of a Faculty to make a decision with respect to academic standing in a fair and equitable manner in the light of the procedures, standards and circumstances applicable in the case of an Appellant.

10. “Panel” means the members constituted from the Panel of Chairs, Panel of Faculty Members and Panel of Students to hear an appeal as set out in these regulations.

11. “Panel Members” means the Panel of Chairs, Panel of Faculty Members and the Panel of Students.

12. “Public Safety” may include, but is not limited to, protection from behaviours of the Student as a result of mental illness, harassment by the Student or other perceived violent or disturbing behaviour by the Student.

13. “Student” means an undergraduate Student, as defined in Section 21 of the University of Alberta Calendar, or a graduate Student, as defined in Section 203.4 of the University of Alberta Calendar.

14. "Respondent" means a person designated by the Dean to represent the Faculty.

15. “UAB” means University Appeal Board.

16. "Working Day" or “Business Day” for the purposes of these regulations is defined as a day on which University administrative offices are open. For the purposes of these regulations, the day preceding the Christmas holiday period shall not be considered a Working Day for appeal deadlines.