GFC Nomination Calls and Elections (held by GFC)

Presidential/Vice-Presidential/Dean Search and Review Committees are regularly established at the University of Alberta. General Faculties Council (GFC) is called upon to arrange for the nomination and election of representative(s) to populate search/review committee compositions in accordance to the policies and procedure within the Recruitment Policy (in UAPPOL). 

For more details please view: Provost's Faculty Deans Selection and Review

Campus interest and response to a nomination call may generate a pool of multiple nominees, thus requiring an election (held by GFC) to declare the successful candidate(s) to a membership role on the selection/review committee. It's regular practice by GFC to electronically distribute nomination calls broadly to the relevant constituencies (academic staff, non-academic staff, public members) in order to raise awareness and encourage nominations and/or expressions of interest from eligible nominees, as stipulated within the established committee membership composition.

On-Line Elections (held by GFC) are administered by University Governance using the "eVote" electronic voting application. 

Nomination Calls: "currently in progress"
There are no Selection/Review Committee Nomination Calls currently in progress.    

Election Calls (held by GFC): "currently in progress"
Dean Review Committee - Dean, Faculty of Business
Election of an Academic staff member (A1.0) from outside the faculty concerned.
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GFC Election now in progress.
Note  Voting Deadline is Friday, September 29,2017 at 12:00 p.m. (Noon)  

View Results:  Past Elections held by General Faculties Council (GFC) 

If you have any questions related to the above GFC Nomination and Election processes, please email Ann Hodgson (University Governance) or telephone at: 780-492-1938.


 Committee Procedures, Meeting Schedule & Composition

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To serve as one of “Four (4) persons (from staff categories A1.0, A2.0, A3.0, S1.0 or S2.0), or persons who are neither students nor employees of the University, elected by GFC. One (1) of the four persons elected by GFC shall be a Department Chair from outside the Faculty of Extension.”



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