30.5.5 Procedures in Cases Initiated by Unit Directors Respecting Inappropriate Use Offences

30.5.5(1)       When a Unit Director believes that a Student has committed an Inappropriate Use Offence in the unit or department in which the Unit Director works, that Unit Director has the authority to initiate disciplinary proceedings.  That person shall meet with the Student about the alleged offence, complete any necessary investigation of the matter, and decide whether or not, on the balance of probabilities, the Student has committed an offence. Before such a meeting, the Unit Director shall inform the Student of the purpose of the meeting and of the Student’s right to bring an Advisor [30.2.3]. (EXEC 05 MAY 2008)

30.5.5(2)       In the event that the Student refuses or fails to meet with the Unit Director within a specified period of time, a decision, which may include a sanction, shall be made, taking into account the available evidence.

30.5.5(3)       If the Unit Director has determined on the balance of probabilities that the student has committed an offence, the Unit Director will contact the Appeals Coordinator to determine if there is a previous discipline record for the Student.   Only when considering what would be an appropriate sanction may the Unit Director take into account the disciplinary record, if any, of the Student.  The Unit Director may impose one or more of the sanctions listed in 30.4.3(1).  (CLRC 18 JUN 2008) (EXEC 05 MAY 2008) 

30.5.5(4)      If the Unit director believes that owing to the serious nature of the actions of the Student, an Intermediate or Severe Sanction is warranted in addition to or in lieu of any Minor Sanction(s), the Unit Director may forward a written recommendation for a specific Intermediate or Severe Sanction to the Discipline Officer. (EXEC 05 MAY 2008)

30.5.5(5)       Where the Unit Director has decided to recommend to the Discipline Officer that the Student be Expelled, Suspended, or Excluded, the Unit Director shall so inform the Dean of the Faculty in which the Student is registered and consult with the Dean regarding the Student’s situation. After making such enquiries as the Unit Director considers necessary, the Unit Director shall either revise the recommendation or confirm and forward it to the Discipline Officer. (EXEC 05 MAY 2008)
30.5.5(6)       Having completed consideration of the matter, the Unit Director shall, in accordance with 30.5.1(6), inform the Student in writing of the decision and the reasons for that decision. The letter shall include information on how the Student can appeal the decision. The Unit Director shall provide a copy of the decision to the Appeals Coordinator and Dean of the Faculty in which the Student is enrolled. The Student may appeal the finding that an offence has been committed and/or the sanction to the UAB under 30.6. (EXEC 05 MAY 2008)
30.5.5(7)       If the Unit Director has recommended an Intermediate or Severe Sanction, in addition to or in lieu of the imposition of a Minor Sanction, the Discipline Officer shall follow the procedures set out in 30.5.8. Any Minor Sanction imposed by the Unit Director will be suspended until the entire appeal process has been exhausted. (EXEC 05 MAY 2008)