30.5.3 Procedures for Instructors in Cases Respecting Class Disruptions

30.5.3(1)       When a Student disturbs, disrupts, or otherwise interferes with a Class, the Instructor may immediately dismiss the Student from the Class meeting and subsequent meetings not to exceed 3 hours of instruction.  In the case of an online course, the Instructor may bar the Student from any online activities related to the Class for a maximum of one week, or equivalent to 3 hours in-class time.  In cases where a single Class meeting is longer than 3 hours the student may be dismissed from that entire Class.  (CLRC 22 APR 2002) (CLRC 30 MAY 2002) (CLRC 25 APR 2013)

30.5.3(2)       The Instructor shall inform the Dean about the incident as soon as possible after the event occurred, normally within 2 Working Days. (CLRC 25 APR 2013)

30.5.3(3)       If the Student engages in the behaviour described in 30.5.3(1) after resuming Class, the Instructor may again immediately dismiss the Student from the Class, in which case the Instructor must report that violation to the Dean and provide a written statement of the details of both incidents normally within 2 Working Days.  (CLRC 25 APR 2013) 

30.5.3(4)       The Dean shall follow the procedures set out in 30.5.7.  The Dean shall contact the Director of UAPS for incidents that fall outside of the Dean's authority, as outlined in 30.5.7(1). (CLRC 25 APR 2013)

30.5.3(5)       If the Dean, Discipline Officer or UAB find that the student did not violate the Code, such decision shall not invalidate the prior action of the Instructor.  The Dean shall, however, ensure that every effort is made to make up the Student's loss time, but the University shall not be held legally responsible for any lost Class time. (CLRC 25 APR 2013)