30.4.1 General Provisions

30.4.1           General Provisions

                     Different members of the University have the authority to decide that a Student has breached the Code and to set a sanction. Unit Directors may impose Minor Sanctions for specific breaches that occur within their unit and may recommend that the Discipline Officer impose Intermediate or Severe Sanctions.  The Director of UAPS may recommend that the Discipline Officer impose Minor, Intermediate or Severe Sanctions. Deans have the authority to set Minor or Intermediate Sanctions and may recommend that the Discipline Officer impose Severe Sanctions. The Discipline Officer and the UAB have the authority to set Minor, Intermediate, or Severe Sanctions.

30.4.1(1)       In determining both the length and/or the effective date of a sanction, a decision-maker imposing the sanction shall take into account the impact of the sanction on the Student's academic program and record.

30.4.1(2)      Any sanction shall take effect on the date of the decision unless it is noted in the decision that the sanction shall take effect at another time. Any change to a sanction as a result of an appeal (the removal of, increase in or addition to a sanction) shall take effect according to specified instructions in the written appeal decision. (CLRC 24 MAY 2012) 

30.4.1(3)       The Office of the Registrar shall note Encumbrances, grade changes (including notations of NC) Suspensions, Expulsions, or Suspensions or Rescissions of Degrees on a Student’s Transcript. Encumbrances, Exclusions and Suspensions of Essential and Non-Essential Services will be noted as a Negative Service Indicator in the Student’s Central Academic Record. For tracking purposes, any sanction noted on the Transcript will also be noted as a Negative Service Indicator in the Student’s Central Academic Record. (CLRC 24 MAY 2012) (GFC 03 FEB 2014)

30.4.1(4)  At the decision maker's discretion, the decision maker may disclose decisions under this Code, or portions thereof, on a need to know basis, for the purpose of administering a Student’s academic or other program. (CLRC 24 MAY 2012) 

30.4.1(5)       If a Student has engaged in conduct for which the Student has received a sanction by a person, court, tribunal or other decision making body pursuant to Rules External to the Code (including but not limited to University of Alberta Library, Parking or Residence Regulations), and the conduct is found to be an offence under this Code then the Student may receive a sanction under this Code, in addition to the sanction imposed pursuant to the Breach of Rules External to the Code  [30.3.6(2)].