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Governance is the processes and practices through which an entity organizes itself to achieve its mandate. It is concerned with the structures and procedures for decision-making, accountability, control and codes of conduct. It is expressed through legislation, policies and by-laws, and informal norms. The goal of effective governance is a robust organization that achieves peak performance and is accountable to the people it serves.

The University of Alberta governs itself with a bi-cameral governance structure, as set out in the Alberta Post-Secondary Learning Act. The Board of Governors has authority for business governance and the General Faculties Council (GFC) has authority for academic governance.

While senior authority rests with the Board of Governors, the Board and GFC conduct their affairs effectively, respecting jurisdictional borders, capitalizing on shared interests, balancing and sharing authority, within a civil and productive relationship based upon a mutual desire to serve the greater good of the institution.  More...

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Governance 101

Next Session:  Monday, February 5, 2018
12:00 Noon - 1:30 pm
Council Chamber (Room 2-100 CC)
2nd Floor, University Hall                                                 

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