GFC Practice Review Board (GFC PRB)

The GFC PRB shall hear and determine appeals from Students who have been subject to a Practicum Intervention and who have exercised a right of appeal to a Faculty Practice Review Committee (FPRC).

The GFC PRB may confirm, reverse or vary the decision under appeal, including establishing conditions for entry, continuation or re-entry to the Practicum; vary any terms or conditions previously imposed by the Dean or the FPRC.

The GFC PRB panel consists of five members:  one Faculty member as Chair from the panel of Chairs of the GFC AAC or UAB; one practitioner from the discipline or field relevant to the appeal selected by the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) in consultation with the Vice-Provost and Dean of Students; one Faculty member from the relevant Faculty's AAC (which Faculty member shall not have sat on the FPRC below); and two Student members-at-large of the GFC AAC or UAB.