87. Practicum Intervention Policy


This Policy provides for Practicum Interventions. Practicum Interventions are a means by which, because of public interest, public safety or public health considerations, a Student can be denied placement in a Practicum; be withdrawn from participation in a Practicum; or have participation in a Practicum suspended or varied through the imposition of conditions which must be met prior to or as part of the Student taking up, continuing, or returning to a Practicum. A procedure is established by which Practicum Interventions can be appealed. Further, this Policy has application where the circumstances that arise from a Practicum Intervention also result in charges under the Code of Student Behaviour (“COSB”).
The University has an obligation to protect the public interest, public safety, and public health by ensuring that Students in Practicums conform to accepted standards of professional, competent and safe practice in their work with patients, clients, and co-workers. This Policy provides Deans with the authority to intervene in the Practicum of a Student and/or an associated Professional Program because of such concerns. The Dean’s authority is balanced by the granting of appeal rights to a Student who is the subject of a Practicum Intervention.
NOTE:  Acronyms are used throughout the policy; please refer to “Definitions” at the end of this policy.