87.8 Procedures Prior to GFC PRB Hearings


            a.         When an appeal is received the Appeals Co-ordinator shall:

                    i)   provide the Student and the Dean with a written acknowledgement of the appeal;
                                           ii)   ask the Dean to indicate who will respond to the appeal on behalf of the Faculty;
                                         iii)   advise the Dean that a written response to the appeal is required within ten (10) Working Days;
                                         iv)   select a Chair for the PRB hearing;
                                          v)   provide the Student and the Dean with the name of the PRB Chair and the names of potential members of the panel;
                                         vi)   upon receipt of the Faculty’s written response to the appeal, provide a copy to the Student;
                                       vii)   direct the Registrar to withhold Degrees, certification of marks and/or transcripts pending the outcome of the appeal.
b.         The Appeals Co-ordinator shall consult with the Chair, who shall set a time and place for the hearing of the appeal. Appeals are intended to proceed in a timely manner and the hearing date will normally be set to occur within thirty (30) Working Days of the receipt of the appeal. Both parties shall be provided with reasonable notice of the hearing date. The normal timeframe of (30) Working Days may not apply if there are also COSB charges (See Section 87.4.d.). 
c.         The Appeals Co-ordinator shall provide the parties and the PRB panel with:
                                            i)      the date, time and place of the appeal hearing; and
                                           ii)   the appeal, the Faculty response, any documentation received from the parties, and the FPRC decision under appeal.
d.         The Student and the Faculty will have five (5) Working Days after receipt of the names of the anticipated panel members to lodge any challenge requesting that a Chair or a panel member not serve on the appeal.
                                            i)      challenges may only be made on the grounds that the Chair or panel member may have a bias that would prevent a fair hearing;
                                           ii)      the challenge must include written reasons to support the challenge;
                                          iii)      the Chair shall consider and rule upon the challenge. The decision of the Chair may be made without a hearing and shall be final and binding; and 
                                          iv)      membership in the same Faculty as the Student is deemed not to constitute such a bias unless the anticipated GFC PRB panel member sat on the FPRC which heard the Student’s appeal at that level.
e.         The Student and Faculty must notify the Appeals Co-ordinator immediately upon selecting an Advisor for purposes of representation at the PRB hearing.
f.          A witness list must be provided to the Appeals Co-ordinator by both the Student and the Faculty at least five (5) Working Days prior to the hearing date. The Appeals Co-ordinator shall inform the other party and the PRB of the identity of the witnesses.
g.         Each party is responsible for securing the attendance of their witnesses at the hearing.
h.         Either the Student or the Faculty may request, in writing, an extension of any time limits. The Chair may extend any of the time limits where the Chair is of the opinion that the applicant has a reasonable ground for requesting such extension. The decision of the Chair may be made without a hearing and shall be final and binding.
i.          All other procedural matters or questions that arise before the hearing will be decided by the Chair. The Chair will make a decision and before doing so may consult with the Appeals Co-ordinator and with members of the GFC PRB. The Chair’s decision shall be final and binding.