87.7 Composition of the GFC PRB

           a.         For each hearing the GFC PRB panel shall consist of five (5) regular members as follows:

                                            i)      one (1) Faculty member as Chair from the panel of Chairs of the GFC AAC or UAB, provided always that for any particular hearing the GFC Executive Committee shall have the discretion to appoint a Chair from outside the panel of Chairs;
                                           ii)      one (1) practitioner from the discipline or field relevant to the appeal selected by the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) in consultation with the Vice-Provost and Dean of Students;
                                         iii)      one (1) Faculty member from the relevant Faculty’s Practice Review Committee (which Faculty member shall not have sat on the FPRC below); and (CLRC 24 MAY 2012)
                                         iv)      two (2) Student members-at-large of the GFC AAC or UAB.
b.         The GFC AAC and UAB shall comprise a pool of alternate Faculty members if, for any reason, the subject Faculty cannot provide a Faculty member from its Faculty AAC. 
c.         When a hearing involves an undergraduate Student, the GFC PRB will include at least one (1) undergraduate Student. 
d.         When a hearing involves a graduate Student, the GFC PRB will include at least one (1) graduate Student. For the purposes of selection and service on the GFC PRB, graduate Students are considered to be from the Faculty where they receive supervision. Students who are in any joint graduate/undergraduate Degree program (e.g., the joint MBA/LLB program) are considered to be graduate Students for the purpose of service and selection on the GFC PRB. 
e.         Student and Faculty members who have been called to serve on the GFC PRB for a particular case may complete their service on that case even if their term on a panel expires or, in the case of Students, a Student graduates or changes status from undergraduate to graduate. 
f.          In order to ensure objectivity and a fair hearing, all GFC PRB members shall declare to the Appeals Co-ordinator their interests in or knowledge of, if any, a particular case. Such interest or knowledge is deemed not to include membership in the same Faculty in which the Student is registered. 
g.         For each appeal, every attempt will be made to have a member in reserve for each membership category, including the category of Chair, prepared in advance to attend the hearing.