87.6 GFC PRB Terms of Reference, Powers and Jurisdiction


a.         The GFC PRB shall hear and determine appeals from Students who have been subject to a Practicum Intervention and who have exercised a right of appeal to a FPRC.
b.         In hearing an appeal the GFC PRB:
                                            i)   shall consider the decision under appeal, the Student’s written appeal, and the Faculty’s response;
                                           ii)      shall give all parties to the appeal an opportunity to be heard and to present evidence;
                                         iii)      may confirm, reverse or vary the decision under appeal,including establishing conditions for entry, continuation or re-entry to the Practicum; vary any terms or conditions previously imposed by the Dean or the FPRC.
c.         A defect in procedure shall not warrant the quashing of the decision being appealed unless the defect complained of can reasonably be said to have deprived the Student of a fair hearing. 
d.         In determining whether and what actions are necessary to protect the Public Interest in specific cases, the GFC PRB may seek and rely upon expert advice and third party assessment. In addition, the GFC PRB may hear from expert witnesses, and may have a resource person(s) attend any or all portions of a hearing.
e.         The GFC PRB shall also have the authority to hear appeals under the COSB as provided for in Section 30.3.3(7) of the COSB and Sections 87.1.f and 87.4.d hereof.
f.          All decisions of the GFC PRB shall be final and binding.