87.4 Intersection of Practicum Intervention Policy with COSB Offences

a.      Practicum Interventions accompanied by COSB charges

         i)      Where a Practicum Intervention is accompanied by charges under the COSB and one of the disciplinary streams set out in Section 30.5 of the COSB is commenced, the COSB charges, subject to the provisions and qualifications that follow, shall be heard in accordance with the procedures and jurisdiction set out in the COSB.
b.      Staying of Practicum Intervention FPRC appeals pending determination of COSB charges
          i)      Where an appeal of a Practicum Intervention is brought to a FPRC, the appeal shall be stayed and the hearing of the appeal held in abeyance pending a determination being made on the COSB charges by the Dean, or the Discipline Officer, as the case may be. The written reasons issued for the determination made under the COSB, once available, shall be provided to the FPRC who shall then hear the Practicum Intervention appeal with the determination under the COSB forming part of the record available to the Faculty.
c.      Practicum Intervention appeals to the GFC PRB and COSB charges
Any final appeal of COSB charges that accompany a Practicum Intervention shall, as and where provided for in the COSB, be an appeal to the GFC PRB instead of the UAB. The GFC PRB shall hear the appeal instead of the University Appeal Board (“UAB”), and shall  in such instances, have all of the powers and jurisdiction of the UAB as provided for in the COSB.

d.      Any appeals by a Student to the GFC PRB:

         i)      of COSB charges that accompanied a Practicum Intervention, and

         ii)      of a decision of a FPRC pertaining to a Practicum Intervention when such Practicum Intervention has been  accompanied by COSB charges, shall be stayed and held in abeyance as may be necessary in order that the appeals can be conjoined and be heard and determined at the same time by the GFC PRB as constituted hereunder.

e.      In such circumstances the GFC PRB shall hear and determine

          i)      the COSB offence appeal in accordance with the jurisdiction and procedures provided to the UAB under the COSB, and

         ii)      the Practicum Intervention appeal in accordance with the jurisdiction and procedures provided for in this Policy.