87.3 Appeals to Faculty Practice Review Committees

a.         Students have the right to appeal a Practicum Intervention decision of the Dean to the Faculty Practice Review Committee (“FPRC”).

 b.        Appeals to a FPRC must:
            i)      be in writing;
           ii)      be signed by the Student;
           iii)      be received by the Faculty within fifteen (15) Working Days of the deemed delivery of the Dean’s written decision;

           iv)      indicate whether the Student is appealing any Conditions imposed and, if applicable, any  adverse effect to their  academic standing resulting from the Intervention;

           v)      state the full grounds of appeal; and
           vi)      state the relief requested.
c.         The FPRC has the powers set out in Section 87.1.b., and may confirm, reverse or vary the Practicum Intervention decision of the Dean and in all cases, the FPRC may establish Conditions as provided for in Section 87.1.d.
d.         All appeals of Conditions imposed by the Dean must be appealed at the time they are imposed. If the Student subsequently fails to meet the Conditions imposed, there is no further right of appeal to the FPRC.
e.         Each Faculty may establish additional rules and procedures for the actual hearing of FPRC appeals, and shall provide information in the Faculty section of the calendar where Students can obtain a copy of the appeal procedures.
f.          If the appeal of a Student to the FPRC is unsuccessful, in whole or in part, the FPRC shall provide the Student, at the time it renders its written decision with notice in writing of:
               i)      the Student’s right to appeal to the GFC PRB;
              ii)      the applicable GFC PRB appeal deadlines and procedures;
             iii)      where on-campus assistance is available;
            iv)      the name and contact information of the Appeals Co-ordinator and;
             v)      the FPRC’s written reasons, if applicable.