87.2 Practicum Intervention -- Notice

a.    Within ten (10) Working Days of a Student being verbally notified of a decision to intervene, the Dean shall provide the Student with notice in writing:

i)    of the nature of and the reasons for the Practicum Intervention and, if applicable, any adverse effect to the Student’s academic standing or upon the Student’s Professional Program as a result of the Practicum Intervention;

ii)    of any Conditions applicable to the Practicum Intervention, including those which must be met by the Student before the Student will be permitted to take up, continue or return to a Practicum (if applicable);

iii)    of the Student’s first right of appeal of the Practicum Intervention to the Faculty;

iv)    of the applicable Faculty appeal deadlines and procedures;

v)    where on-campus assistance is available;

vi)    that any Conditions imposed must be appealed at the time they are imposed and that if the Student subsequently fails to meet the conditions imposed there is no further right of appeal;

vii)    that, where applicable, the Student is not permitted to go to the placement site for any reason without the Dean’s written permission.

b.    The Dean shall provide a copy of the decision to the University Supervisor. At the discretion of the Dean, a copy may also be provided to the Practicum site.

c.    If, in the opinion of the Dean, an imminent issue of public safety or public health is involved, the Dean shall also notify the Provost and Vice-President (Academic); other Deans affected; the Appeals Co-ordinator; and Campus Security Services.

d.    In cases of the Exclusion of a Student, the University is entitled to notify the University Community, by any means, of the Student’s name, the fact that the Student has been excluded, and any other information that is deemed necessary for the safety of the University Community.