87.1 Application and Jurisdiction

a.    Intervention Authority: A Dean, or a delegate of the Dean, including a University Supervisor, may intervene in the Practicum of a Student where there are reasonable grounds to believe that this is necessary because of public interest, public safety, or public health concerns. In making a decision to intervene, third parties may be consulted. Any person acting as a delegate of the Dean in initiating a Practicum Intervention shall take steps to immediately inform the Dean of any actions taken under the delegated authority.

The intervention shall take effect immediately upon verbal or written notification by the Dean or University Supervisor.

b.    Form of Intervention: A “Practicum Intervention” may consist of one or more of the following decisions:

i)    denial of placement in or assignment to a Practicum;

ii)    withdrawal from placement in a Practicum;

iii)    Suspension, variation or termination of placement in a Practicum including the imposition of restrictions or conditions/remediation which must be met by the Student as part of or prior to commencement or continuation of the Practicum.

A “Practicum Intervention” may result in an assessment of academic standing in accordance with the Faculty’s academic standing regulations.

c.    Grounds: Circumstances in which a Dean may intervene in a Practicum include, but are not limited to:

i)    public interest - which may include, but is not limited to, protection from unprofessional, incompetent or unsafe practice, including as provided for in any Professional Code of Ethics or Conduct governing the relevant profession and the practice of its discipline;

ii)    public safety - which may include, but is not limited to, protection from behaviours of the Student as a result of mental illness, harassment by the Student or other perceived violent or disturbing behaviour by the Student; or

iii)    public health - which may include, but is not limited to, protection from infections by bloodborne or other pathogens.

d.    Conditions: Restrictions or conditions (“Conditions”) forming part of a Practicum Intervention may include, but are not limited to:

i)    the taking of additional training, remediation, or skill development;

ii)    the improvement of language, study and/or interpersonal skills;

iii)    the undergoing of counselling;

iv)    the undergoing of medical testing (including psychological testing);

v)    prohibitions against attendance by the Student at the, or any, Practicum Site and/or Exclusion from all or parts of campus.

e.    Implementation: A Practicum Intervention shall take effect immediately upon verbal notification to the Student. Subject to any imposed Conditions, Students subject to a Practicum Intervention may continue to attend non-practicum classes that they are otherwise entitled to attend unless in the opinion of the Dean there is an issue of public safety or public health.

f.    Applicability: Interventions in Practicums are governed by the procedures and jurisdiction provided for in this Policy. Students whose academic standing is affected by a Practicum Intervention are subject to this Policy and the appeal procedures herein are applicable. Further, this Policy has application where the circumstances that give rise to a Practicum Intervention also result in charges under the COSB.

g.    Non-Applicability: This Policy has no application to the academic standing or the Professional Program of a Student in circumstances where no Practicum Intervention has taken place. In such circumstances any appeal recourse available to a Student shall be in accordance with other applicable University and Faculty policies e.g. an appeal of their grade in accordance with the Faculty’s grade appeal regulations, or, if a failure to meet a Faculty’s Academic Standing regulations has resulted from the failure, eligibility to appeal to the Faculty Academic Appeals Committee (AAC) and the GFC Academic Appeals Committee (GFC AAC) may arise. Further, this Policy has no application where the circumstances of a Practicum give rise to charges under the COSB but do not result in a Practicum Intervention.

h.    Practicum sites: These provisions do not affect the entitlement of Practicum sites to refuse placement of a Student or to require that a Student be withdrawn from a Practicum.  The decisions of Practicum sites are not appealable under this or any other University Policy.  Any resulting or subsequent Practicum Intervention on the part of the Dean remains subject to this policy.

i.    Other Proceedings: Nothing in this Policy shall prevent the University from referring an individual matter to an appropriate law enforcement agency.