87.11 Impact on Transcripts

               In the case of a Practicum Intervention:

a.         The reflection on the Student’s transcript of a withdrawal or denial of a Practicum decision will be as follows:
                                            i)      where medical issues have given rise to the Practicum Intervention, the transcript will normally show that the Student has been withdrawn for medical reasons. A grade of W (withdrew with permission) will be assigned by the Faculty;
                                           ii)      for unprofessional, incompetent or unsafe practice on the part of the Student, a grade of F in a credit course, a grade of NCR in a credit/non-credit course, or grade of F in a pass/fail course will be assigned. In addition, an academic comment of “withdrawn from Practicum” may be assigned by the Faculty, in which case, the comment shall remain on the record for no more than 2 years from the end date of the term in which it was assigned.  After that time, the remark will be removed by the Faculty.
                                         iii)      for COSB offences, and in accordance with the COSB, the transcript may reflect the sanctions imposed by the Dean and/or Discipline Officer.
b.         The grade assigned by the Dean will be held in abeyance until such time as the appeal process has been exhausted or the deadline for appeal has passed; during this time, a grade of IN will be assigned by the Dean
c.         The Dean shall direct the Registrar to update the student’s grade, and withhold Degrees, certification of marks and/or transcripts pending the outcome of any appeals.
d.         Following the completion of any appeals, the Dean will direct the Registrar to amend the Student’s Permanent Academic Record as appropriate to the final decision.