1.5.4 Procedures at the Hearing

1. The quorum of the Committee shall be three members: the Chair, one Faculty member and one Student member.

2. Decisions of the Committee shall be by majority vote.

3. Prior to hearing evidence the Committee shall:

a. determine that the appeal falls within its jurisdiction (See Appendix - Procedural Guidelines For GFC AAC Chairs);
b. take such steps as are necessary to familiarize itself thoroughly with the relevant Faculty regulations which shall be provided by the Faculty.

4. If the Appellant or Respondent does not appear on the date set for the hearing of the appeal, the GFC AAC may, in its discretion, reschedule the hearing or proceed with the hearing in the absence of the Appellant or the Respondent.

5. Both parties and the Committee may call and question witnesses and may call evidence.

6. The Appellant and Respondent may each be accompanied by one Advisor.