1.5.2 The Hearing Date

1. Appeals are intended to proceed in a timely manner and the hearing date will normally be set to occur within thirty (30) Working Days of the receipt of the appeal. Both parties shall be provided with reasonable notice of the hearing date.

2. If the time of the hearing is after the start of the fall, winter, spring, or summer term, the Appellant may be permitted a temporary registration, which is subject to cancellation if the appeal is denied. However, no temporary registration will be permitted if, in the opinion of the Dean, a case of Public Safety is involved. In accordance with Section 23.9.10 of the University of Alberta Calendar students who owe money to the University will not have access to registration.

3. Appeal cases which involve temporary registration, may be given priority by the GFC AAC.

4. The Appeals Coordinator shall consult with the Chair, who shall set a time and place for the hearing of the appeal.

5. Reasonable delays are allowed, but should either party feel that an unreasonable time has passed without the date of the hearing being set, either party may appeal to the GFC AAC Chair, through the Appeals Coordinator, for a ruling as to whether the delay is reasonable. If the GFC AAC Chair decides the delay is unreasonably long, then the GFC AAC Chair shall, within ten (10) Working Days of such a decision, set the appeal hearing date. The appeal hearing must occur within twenty (20) Working Days of the Chair’s decision. The decision of the GFC AAC Chair will be made without a hearing and is final and binding.

6. The Appeals Coordinator shall constitute the GFC AAC and provide its members, the parties and their respective Advisors with:

a. the date, time and place of the Appeal Hearing;
b. the appeal and any documentation from the Respondent.