1.5.1 Procedures Prior to Hearing

1. Upon receipt of an appeal the Appeals Coordinator shall:

a. select a Chair for the GFC AAC hearing, provide the name of the proposed Chair to the Appellant and Respondent, and, to the extent possible, provide the date being considered by the Chair for the hearing;
b. provide the Appellant and Respondent with a written acknowledgement of the appeal;
c. provide the Appellant and Respondent with a list of On-Campus Sources of Assistance;
d. provide the Appellant and the Respondent with the GFC AAC/UAB membership lists;
e. advise the Respondent that a response is required within ten (10) Working Days;
f. advise the Respondent that the response must include the following minimum information: 

i. all documents available at any Faculty level hearings related to the appeal (normally the hearing by   
the Faculty Academic Appeals Committee);     

ii. response to the Appellant's grounds for appeal; 

iii. comments on the alleged Miscarriage of Justice and on the relief requested; 

iv. the academic standing regulations from the Calendar governing the Appellant's program    
(normally the current Calendar regulations); 

v. the regulations that governed the Appellant's Faculty appeal hearing, including any hearing 

vi. in cases where written reasons were provided by the Faculty appeals committee, a copy of the reasons shall be provided;

vii. a copy of the Appellant’s transcript.

2. The Appellant and Respondent will have five (5) Working Days after receipt of the GFC AAC and UAB membership lists to lodge any challenge requesting that a Chair or a panel member not serve on the appeal. Challenges may only be made on the grounds that the Chair or panel member may have a bias that would prevent a fair hearing. The challenge must include written reasons to support the challenge. The Chair shall consider and rule upon the challenge. The decision of the Chair will be made without receiving further submissions and shall be final and binding.

3. In the event that a procedural issue is raised before the hearing, the Appeals Coordinator will refer the matter to the Chair of the GFC AAC. The Chair will make a decision and before doing so may consult with the Appeals Coordinator and may consult with members of the Committee. The decision of the Chair shall be final and binding.

4. Either the Appellant or the Respondent may request in writing an extension of any time limits. The GFC AAC Chair may extend any of the time limits where the GFC AAC Chair is of the opinion that the Appellant or Respondent has reasonable grounds for requesting such extension. The decision of the GFC AAC Chair may be made without a hearing and shall be final and binding.

5. The Appellant and Respondent must notify the Appeals Coordinator immediately upon selecting an Advisor for purposes of representation at the GFC AAC hearing.

6. If either the Appellant or Respondent plan to call witnesses, then that party must provide a witness list to the Appeals Coordinator at least five (5) Working Days prior to the hearing date. The Appeals Coordinator shall ensure that as witnesses become known, the other party and the GFC AAC are informed as to the identity of the witnesses. Each party is responsible for securing the attendance of their witnesses at the hearing.