1.2 Procedures for Appeal of Decisions to the GFC Academic Appeals Committee (GFC AAC)

1. Students have a right of appeal to the GFC AAC from an adverse Faculty decision affecting their Academic Standing.

2. The deadline for lodging such a formal appeal is fifteen (15) Working Days from the Student’s deemed receipt of the Faculty decision (see Service and Notice). This deadline must be met notwithstanding any pursuit by the Student of any available informal appeal and/or petition process to the Dean as referred to in Section 1 of the Academic Appeals Policy, Informal Faculty Level of Appeal/Petition.

3. An appeal may be made only on the basis that there has been a Miscarriage of Justice in the case of the Student’s appeal at the Faculty level.

4. All known grounds must be listed and explained in the appeal. The grounds to establish a Miscarriage of Justice for an appeal shall include, but not be restricted to, the following:

a. procedural errors on the part of a Faculty provided that a defect in procedures shall not warrant the quashing of the decision being appealed, unless the defect complained of can reasonably be said to have deprived the student of a fair hearing;
b. failure of a Faculty to consider all factors relevant to the decision being appealed;
c. bias or discrimination against the Student on the part of a Faculty.