Other Committees to which GFC Elects

The following administrative committees have terms which call upon GFC to arrange for the annual nomination and election of student and/or staff representatives, as committees are established.

Please consult UAPPOL for the comprehensive procedures of each committee (eg, mandate, terms of reference, committee composition). For further contact information (eg, committee coordination, meeting schedule), please refer to the “Office of Administrative Responsibility”, as specified within the related procedure.

For committee nomination information, please email: Ann.Hodgson@ualberta.ca (Coordinator to the GFC Nominating Committee) or call: (780) 492-1938.

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Administrative Committee

Brief Overview/Role

Representatives elected by GFC to Committee

Office Of Administrative Responsibility

COSA (Council on Student Affairs)

The aim of the Council is the betterment of the quality of student life at the University of Alberta.
Note:  Students/staff must be active members of the general faculties council (gfc) at time of election.

Membership Listing

Dean Of Students

Department Chair Selection Committees

(panel of faculty members) 

Faculty members are chosen in rotation from a panel of fifteen (15) members to serve on department chair selection committees.

These individual committees are constituted as department chair selection processes are initiated by the Provost and VP (Academic) or Delegate. 

Membership Listing

Office of the Provost And Vice-President (Academic)

Procedure In UAPPOL

Extension Faculty Council

Represents University interests on Extension’s Faculty Council.

Council meets on average 6 times per academic year.

Membership Listing

Faculty Of Extension

University Of Alberta Museums Policy and Planning Committee

Advise University Administration and governance bodies on matters relating to the university of Alberta Museums.

Committee meets on average 4 times per year.

Membership Listing

University Of Alberta Museums

The Senate

Links with the community and is an independent advisory body of community leaders.

The University Senate meets on average 4 times per year.

Membership Listing

University Of Alberta Senate