June 4, 2008

Date of Circulation 

 June 4, 2008

Date by which Challenge Must be Received By Marlene Lewis, University Governance (local 2- 1938)

 June 18, 2008

Date by which Course/Program Changes will  Automatically be Considered Approved in the Absence of Challenge

 June 25, 2008

Comments:  The changes herein are intended for implementation in 2009-2010.

The attached submission contains descriptions of course and/or program changes recently approved by the Faculty of Pysical Education and Recreation. In accordance with Section 37 of the GFC Policy Manual, this material is posted here for information and/or challenge. Please note that the challenge procedure will only apply to:

  1. offering of new courses;

  2. dropping of existing courses;

  3. changes to the content of existing courses which alter the nature of the course;

  4. changes in prerequisites options and weights; and,

  5. changes to existing programs.

Should you wish to challenge any of the course and/or program changes in the attached submission, please take careful note of the above dates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call:  Marlene Lewis, Administrative Professional Officer, University Governance, local 2-1938.