October 10, 2013

Date of Circulation October 10, 2013
Date by which Challenge Must be Received By Garry Bodnar, University Governance (local 2-4733) October 25, 2013
Date by which Course/Program Changes will Automatically be Considered Approved in the Absence of Challenge November 1, 2013


The changes herein are intended for early implementation in 2013-2014 (Winter Term); other changes are for implementation in 2014-15.


The attached submission contains descriptions of course and/or program changes recently approved by the Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences. In accordance with Section 37 of the GFC Policy Manual, this material is posted here for information and/or challenge. Please note that the challenge procedure will only apply to:
  1. offering of new courses;
  2. dropping of existing courses;
  3. changes to the content of existing courses which alter the nature of the course;
  4. changes in prerequisites options and weights; and,
  5. changes to existing programs.
Should you wish to challenge any of the course and/or program changes in the attached submission, please take careful note of the above dates.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call: Garry Bodnar, Director of General Faculties Council Services and Secretary to General Faculties Council, local 2-4733.