30.6.2 Terms of Reference and Powers

30.6.2(1)       The UAB, as delegate of General Faculties Council and the Board of Governors, shall have authority to determine whether or not an offence has been committed and to confirm, vary or quash sanctions imposed under the Code of Student Behaviour or the Code of Applicant Behaviour (Section 11.8 of the GFC Policy Manual).   Any conditions imposed within a sanction and any additional sanction to be imposed should those conditions not be met, must be appealed at the time they are imposed and within the time limits set out in 30.6.1(1).  If the conditions are not met, no further appeal is available when the specified additional sanction is imposed. (EXEC 04 MAR 2002) (CLRC 25 SEP 2003)

30.6.2(2)       Meetings of the UAB shall be scheduled as required to hear and determine appeals against discipline decisions.

30.6.2(3)       All decisions made by the UAB will be final and binding.

30.6.2(4)       The appeal shall be based upon the denial of the offence, and/or the severity of the sanction.  A defect in procedures shall not warrant the quashing of the decision being appealed from unless the defect complained of can reasonably be said to have deprived either party of a fair hearing.