30.5.4 Procedures for Instructors in Cases Respecting Inappropriate Academic Behaviour

30.5.4(1)       When an Instructor believes that a Student may have committed an Inappropriate Academic Behaviour Offence [30.3.2] or that there has been Misrepresentation of Facts [30.3.6(4)] or Participation in an Offence [30.3.6(5)] in cases respecting Inappropriate Academic Behaviour, or Bribery [30.3.6(7)] for the purpose of gaining academic advantage in the course that they instruct, the Instructor will meet with the Student.  Before such a meeting, the Instructor shall inform the Student of the purpose of the meeting.  In the event that the Student refuses or fails to meet with the Instructor within a reasonable period of time specified by the Instructor, the Instructor shall, taking into account the available information, decide whether a report to the Dean is warranted.   (CLRC 30 MAY 2002) (EXEC 7 APR 2003) (CLRC 27 NOV 2003) (CLRC 03 FEB 2016) 

30.5.4(2)       If the Instructor believes there has been a violation of the Code, the Instructor shall, as soon as possible after the event occurred, report that violation to the Dean and provide a written statement of the details of the case.  The instructor may also include a recommendation for sanction. (CLRC 27 NOV 2003)

30.5.4(3)       The Dean, acting in accordance with 30.5.7, shall decide whether the Student has committed an offence and, if so, whether the sanction recommended by the Instructor or any other sanction is appropriate.