30.3.5 Inappropriate Use of University Property and Resources

30.3.5(1)       Damage to Property

30.3.5(1) a             No Student shall possess, misappropriate, convert, destroy or otherwise damage University property or the property of any other member of the University Community. 

30.3.5(1) b             No Student shall deface the inside or outside of any building or property of the University. 

30.3.5(1) c             No Student shall, without authority, make, alter, use, receive, or possess University supplies or documents.

30.3.5(1) d             No Student shall remove books or other library material from a University library without proper authorization, mutilate or deface library books or material, purposely misplace them or in any other way purposely deprive other members of the University Community of the opportunity to have access to library resources.

30.3.5(2)       Unauthorized Use of Facilities, Equipment, Materials, Services or Resources

30.3.5(2) a             No Student shall use any facility, equipment, material, service or resource contrary to express instructions or without proper authority. (GFC 03 FEB 2014)

30.3.5(2) b             No Student shall enter or remain in any University building, facility, room, or office, without the proper authority, contrary to express instructions or with intent to damage, destroy, convert or misappropriate University property.

30.3.5(2) c             No Student shall obtain any University equipment, material, service or resource by fraudulent means or by providing false information.

30.3.5(2) d             No Student shall use any University computer or computer related facility without proper authorization or in contravention of the conditions for use of University computer or computer related Facilities.

30.3.5(2) e             No Student shall introduce any Malicious Code on any University computer or use any University computer to develop, modify, mutate, disseminate, propagate or release any Malicious Code.