30.3.3 Inappropriate Behaviour in Professional Programs

30.3.3(1)       A Student enrolled in Professional Programs is bound by and shall comply with the Professional Code of Ethics governing that profession and the practice of its discipline.

30.3.3(2)       It shall be the responsibility of each Student in a Professional Program to obtain, and be familiar with, the Professional Code of Ethics relevant to the discipline and all amendments thereto as may be made from time to time.  (BG  12 MAY 2008)

30.3.3(3)       A Student enrolled in a Professional Program who contravenes the Professional Code of Ethics governing the profession and the practice of its discipline commits an offence under this Code when, at the time of the alleged offence, the Student is involved in a Practicum Placement related to a course of study in a Professional Program. (BG 12 MAY 2008)

30.3.3(4)       The following behaviour by any Student in a Practicum Placement is unprofessional conduct, and an offence under this Code: (BG 12 MAY 2008) 

30.3.3(4) a             all attempts at deliberately falsifying patient, pupil or client records including forging Instructor signatures;

30.3.3(4) b             falsifying financial records related to patient treatment procedures or client services;

30.3.3(4) c             misrepresenting patient treatment, instructional activities or client services to officials of the practicum site or to third parties, such as insurance carriers;

30.3.3(4) d             careless or negligent behaviour resulting in unnecessary physical and/or mental harm to patients, pupils or clients;

30.3.3(4) e             obtaining or attempting to obtain favours, gifts, payments, pharmaceuticals or other consideration from patients, pupils, clients or third parties;

30.3.3(4) f              representing one's education, qualifications or competence in a way that is false or misleading.

30.3.3(4)g              operating outside of scope of practice.  (BG 12 MAY 2008)

30.3.3(5)       When proceedings have been initiated against a Student under this Code and separate proceedings are commenced against the same Student relating to the same cause or matter under a Professional Code of Ethics, the Dean may stay proceedings under this Code pending the outcome of the proceedings brought pursuant to the Professional Code of Ethics.

30.3.3(6)      Appeals of Code decisions concerning unprofessional conduct or contraventions of Professional Codes of Ethics that would otherwise be heard by the UAB shall instead be heard by a Practice Review Board as constituted under the Practicum Placement Intervention Policy.  (BG 12 MAY 2008)

30.3.3(7)      In hearing appeals as provided for in the Code, the Practice Review Board shall have all of the powers of the UAB and shall follow the same procedures of the UAB as provided for in this Code.  (BG 12 MAY 2008)

30.3.3(8)     Any appeals of Code charges that accompanied a Practicum Intervention under the Practicum Placement Intervention Policy shall be stayed and held in abeyance as may be necessary in order that the appeals can be conjoined and be heard and determined at the same time by the Practice Review Board.  (BG 12 MAY 2008)