30.3.2 Inappropriate Academic Behaviour

30.3.2(1)       Plagiarism  

No Student shall submit the words, ideas, images or data of another person as the Student?s own in any academic writing, essay, thesis, project, assignment, presentation or poster in a course or program of study.

30.3.2(2)       Cheating

30.3.2(2) a             No Student shall in the course of an examination or other similar activity, obtain or attempt to obtain information from another Student or other unauthorized source, give or attempt to give information to another Student, or use, attempt to use or possess for the purposes of use any unauthorized material.

30.3.2(2) b             No Student shall represent or attempt to represent themself as another nor shall a Student attempt to have themself represented by another in the taking of an examination, preparation of a paper or other similar activity. See also misrepresentation in 30.3.6 (4). 

30.3.2(2)c                  No student shall represent another's substantial editorial or compositional assistance on an assignment as the Student's own work. 

30.3.2(2) d             No Student shall submit in any course or program of study, without the written approval of the course Instructor, all or a substantial portion of any academic writing, essay, thesis, research report, project, assignment, presentation or poster for which credit has previously been obtained by the Student or which has been or is being submitted by the Student in another course or program of study in the University or elsewhere.

30.3.2(2) e             No Student shall submit in any course or program of study any academic writing, essay, thesis, report, project, assignment, presentation or poster containing a statement of fact known by the Student to be false or a reference to a source the Student knows to contain fabricated claims (unless acknowledged by the Student), or a fabricated reference to a source.       

30.3.2(3)       Misuse of Confidential Materials

No Student shall procure, distribute, or receive any confidential academic material such as pending examinations, laboratory results or the contents thereof from any source without prior and express consent of the Instructor.

30.3.2(4)       Research and Scholarship Misconduct

30.3.2(4) a    30.3.2(4) a No Student shall violate the University of Alberta Research and Scholarship Integrity Policy, as set out in the Research and Scholarship Integrity Policy in UAPPOL or any other University regulation concerning academic matters. (CLRC 24 MAY 2012)        

30.3.2(4) b     b Where a Student is charged with the academic offence of research and scholarship misconduct, the procedure to follow is that outlined below.(CLRC 24 MAY 2012) (EXEC 12 NOV 2014)