30.1.1 Rights Under the Code of Student Behaviour

30.1.1(1)       Any Student who has been accused of having committed an offence under this Code has the right

30.1.1(1) a    to choose whether or not to provide evidence and/or to be a witness in the case against themself; 

30.1.1(1) b    to be presumed not to have committed an offence until their commission of an offence has been established on the balance of probabilities, before an impartial and unbiased decision-maker; 

30.1.1(1) c    to have their case adjudicated within a reasonable time; 

30.1.1(1) d    to consult with an Advisor, to be accompanied and assisted at any investigative meeting with a Dean or Discipline Officer or UAB hearing by an Advisor, and to be advised of these rights;

30.1.1(1) e    to reasonable disclosure of the case of the person making the allegation against the Student within a reasonable time before the hearing of any appeal before the UAB;

30.1.1(1) f     to reasonable notice of the time, place, and nature of any investigative meeting or hearing;

30.1.1(1) g    to be given a reasonable opportunity to respond to any allegations before being found to have committed an offence under the Code;

30.1.1(1) h    in any appeal before the UAB, to present evidence, to call their own witnesses and to question any other witnesses called; 

30.1.1(1) i     to be advised of the reasons for any decision made under this Code;

30.1.1(2)  Any person who claims to have been physically injured, discriminated against or harassed, or who claims to have property damaged or stolen by a Student accused of an offence under this Code, whether or not that person is a Complainant, has the right    

30.1.1(2) a    to be consulted before any informal resolution of any relevant charges against the Student is proposed to the Student;

30.1.1(2) b    to provide evidence of any injury or damage for which Restitution may be an appropriate remedy and to have that evidence communicated to the appropriate decision-maker under this Code;

30.1.1(2) c    to be informed of the time, date and place of any hearing respecting any relevant charges and to be consulted by the Dean or Director as to whether the person should be a witness at that hearing; and

30.1.1(2) d    to be informed of the sanctions, if any, imposed on the Student in relation to any offence relevant to the person.