11.8.4 Offences under the Code

For purposes of these procedures, it will be considered an offence on the part of an Applicant to the University of Alberta to commit any of the following offences:  (EXEC 04 MAY 2009) Misrepresentation of Facts 
Misrepresent pertinent facts to any member of the University community for the purpose of obtaining academic or other advantage.  This includes such acts as the failure to provide pertinent information on an application for admission or the altering of an educational document/transcript. (CLRC 25 SEP 2003) (EXEC 06 OCT 2003) (EXEC 04 MAY 2009) Participation in an Offence
Counsel or encourage or knowingly aid or assist, directly or indirectly, another person or persons in the commission of an offence under this Code or the Code of Student Behaviour. (CLRC 25 SEP 2003) (EXEC 06 OCT 2003) (EXEC 04 MAY 2009)  Disruption
Knowingly obstruct University activities. University activities include but are not limited to teaching, research, studying, administration, meetings, and public service. However, nothing in these regulations shall be construed to prohibit peaceful assemblies and demonstrations, lawful picketing, or to inhibit free speech; (CLRC 25 SEP 2003) (EXEC 06 OCT 2003) Damage to Property
Possess, misappropriate, convert, destroy or otherwise damage University property or the property of any other member of the University Community. (EXEC 04 MAY 2009) Violations of Safety or Dignity
No Applicant shall create a condition which endangers or potentially endangers or threatens the health, safety or well-being of other persons including: physically abuse another person, threaten any other person with physical abuse or knowingly, and without just cause, cause any other person to fear physical abuse; or harass another person, according to the definition provided in the Code of Student Behaviour. (EXEC 04 MAY 2009)