11.8.2 Application of this Code of Applicant Behaviour

The following procedures relate only to Applicants.  Applicants are defined in Section of this document.  Applicants who have committeed offence(s) under Section 11.8.4 of this policy will be charged under this policy.  (EXEC 04 MAY 2009)

Students are defined in the Code of Student Behaviour.  Students who have committed offence(s) under Section 30.3 will be charged under the Code of Student Behaviour.  For complete procedures, see the Code of Student Behaviour. (EXEC 04 MAY 2009)

When a person registers for courses, and has passed the Registration Deadline as published in Section 11 of the University Calendar, that person ceases to be an Applicant and will no longer be charged under the Code of Applicant Behaviour.  Application-related offences identified after the Registration Deadline will be administered under the Code of Student Behaviour.  (EXEC 04 MAY 2009)